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Nadine Löschke und Michael Krieg segeln die S\V 14 © Bruno Reitmann
Far East S\V 14

The boat with the bicycle bar

🇬🇧 The Far East S\V 14 is a sailing boat for disabled and elderly people. But our test on the Alster shows: Everyone can have fun with this nippy keelboat!

8 Minuten

“I won’t let them get me down!”

SV 14 am Steg
Without any difficulties Nadine gets on board © Michael Krieg

Independently from the wheelchair into the boat

Nadine setztdie Segel
Nadine doesn't need any help with setting the sails © Michael Krieg

Changing seats on the way is not possible

SV 14 unter segeln
The sheet is always in the same place © Bruno Reitmann

The S\V 14 cannot capsize

SV 14
The S/V 14 is the more sportier boat © Bruno Reitmann

Sitting upright even when the boat is hauling

Das Boot mit Schräglage, die Sitze bleiben aufrecht
Even when heeling the sailors sit upright © Bruno Reitmann

No one has earned anything from the boat

Mehrere SV 14 an einem Kran
The S/V 14 in the making © Werft

Technical data Far East S\V 14

Optimised for do-it-yourself construction

Render der SV 14
The SV 14 © Werft

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