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Nadine Löschke und Michael Krieg segeln die S\V 14 © Bruno Reitmann
Far East S\V 14

The boat with the bicycle bar

🇬🇧 The Far East S\V 14 is a sailing boat for disabled and elderly people. But our test on the Alster shows: Everyone can have fun with this nippy keelboat!

8 Minuten

“I won’t let them get me down!”

SV 14 am Steg
Without any difficulties Nadine gets on board © Michael Krieg

Independently from the wheelchair into the boat

Nadine setztdie Segel
Nadine doesn't need any help with setting the sails © Michael Krieg

Changing seats on the way is not possible

Before the first cast off, I learn more important details: „For our people with sensory disabilities or intellectual disabilities, it is important that all the sheets, all the things I need to operate the boat, are always in exactly the same place. So that you can reach the curry clamps from the seat where you don’t have to look for a long time.“

SV 14 unter segeln
The sheet is always in the same place © Bruno Reitmann

The S\V 14 cannot capsize

SV 14
The S/V 14 is the more sportier boat © Bruno Reitmann

The 110-kilogram lead bomb on the keel is „only“ designed for a crew weight of 150 kilograms. But you only have to pay attention to the weight limit for crews where two people with limited mobility sail the boat alone. „We do it here on the Alster so that often one mobility-impaired person sails with a normal person.“

Sitting upright even when the boat is hauling

Das Boot mit Schräglage, die Sitze bleiben aufrecht
Even when heeling the sailors sit upright © Bruno Reitmann

No one has earned anything from the boat

Mehrere SV 14 an einem Kran
The S/V 14 in the making © Werft

Technical data Far East S\V 14

Optimised for do-it-yourself construction

Render der SV 14
The SV 14 © Werft

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