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Fast charging in any harbour – soon © Aqua Super-Power
Electric Boating

Fast boat chargers coming to the coast

Electric boat driving is terrific, charging electric boats is tough. Aqua Super-Power changes this with a net of fast charging stations.

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Start at the epicenter of boating

Aqua Super-Power
The new Swedish e-motorboat X Shore 1 charges at the fast charger in St. Tropez © Wildberg

Who thinks Tesla now thinks right

Stewart Wilkinson
Stewart Wilkinson is the founder of the yard Vita and the electricity supplier Aqua Super-Power © Wildberg
electric runabout Vita Lion
The Vita Lion is the largest electric boat from the British shipyard Vita, it travels at speed up to 35 knots © Wildberg

50 green columns around the world

So far no one has come to charge in Lagos

Martinho Fortunato
Martinho Fortunato had an Aqua charging pole installed in Lagos, Portugal, in June 2022 © Wildberg
Goldfish X9 Explorer
The RIB X9 Explorer can be operated with an e-motor from Evoy © Hersteller

Automotive developments go fast

Alex Bamberg Aqua Super-Power
Alex Bamberg transfers his experience from the automotive market to the boating industry © Wildberg

No threat of a short circuit

Alex Bamberg / Aqua Super-Power
The charging process is initiated via smartphone app © Wildberg

Profitable in seven to eleven years

  • Netzwerk von Aqua Super-PowerNot too many charging stations are in operation yet © Hersteller
  • Zukünftige Pläne von Aqua Super-PowerThis is what the network from charging station operator Aqua should look like in the short term © Hersteller
  • CCS-Stecker von Aqua Super-PowerFor power transmission, Aqua uses the CCS standard from the automotive industry © Hersteller
  • Display einer Ladestation von Aqua Super-PowerOne of the two plugs of the charging station is occupied, a boat taps energy here © Wildberg

Pioneering work was done years ago

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