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Transparency in boatbuilding: The Imoca of 11th Hour Racing is CO2-balanced by MarineShift360 © 11th Hour Racing

🇬🇧 Show me your Carbon Footprint

The MarineShift 360 software shows who is the eco leader in boating industry. The focus is on life cycle analysis.

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What is the carbon footprint?

Beneteau rcently started to measure its carbon footprint © Beneteau

Seeking for the shift

  • 11th Hour RacingThe production of the Imoca was measured with Marineshift360 © 11th Hour Racing
  • 11th Hour RacingSolar panels everywhere to provide enough energy © Amory Ross / 11th Hour Racing
  • 11th Hour RacingSustainable material replaces PVC © Amory Ross / 11th Hour Racing

How it works

Boat building has lots of unique production processes and the MarineShift360 team had to model all of them to create specific datasets. Once there is a baseline it is possible to start simulating the variables in the production system to increase sustainability of the product. Flexibility of MarineShift360 permits analyzing with various accuracy levels from rough guess to every single nut and bolt. In the end it helps to make the right decisions and avoid self-delusion. For instance, can shipyards be sure of improving their carbon footprint when using bio-based resins shipped from all around the world?
MarineShift360 aligns with ISO 14040:2006 and ISO 14044:2006 standards which prescribe the calculation methods.

Marineshift 360
The Software offers precise data about the carbon footprint © Marineshift 360

Case studies

Greenboats founder Friedrich Deimann teamed up with MarineShift360 for his Flax 27 boat © Kerstin Zillmer

Moreover, global warming potential for one IMOCA yacht comes to 553 t of CO2 (the average annual GHG per capita in Germany is 8.1 t); mineral resource scarcity is 10.300 kg Cu equivalent (enough to produce 10 electric cars); 15 900 000 MJ of consumed energy is enough to power 1400 UK households for 12 months. After obtaining such results the sailing yacht does not look “green” anymore, does it?

One third of all carbon emissions could be avoided with the exclusive use of renewable energy © Amory Ross / 11th Hour Racing

Give me a star

Finally MarineShift360 demonstrates the impact of any ship on the climate © MarineShift360

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