© Jean-Jacques Savin
Atlantic crossing

Like Diogenes across the Atlantic

At Christmas 2018, 71-year-old Jean-Jacques Savin climbs into a barrel to drift across the Atlantic.

Circumnavigator Jeanne Socrates

No ocean big enough

Happy birthday, Jeanne Socrates! The circumnavigator and record holder turns 80 – and is already preparing her next cruise.

Golden Globe Race

Abhilash Tomy gives it a second try

The Indian Navy officer’s yacht wrecked in the 2018 Golden Globe Race. Now he gets back through the Southern Ocean – and India is looking at him.

Golden Globe Race

A Don for all Occasions

Australian adventurer Don McIntyre is organising the Golden Globe Race for the second time – after all, the retro race is unique.

Update Jean-Jacques Savin

“Laughing at being old on the sea“

Jean-Jacques Savin, the French Diogenes on the sea, is no longer alive. He died at 75 while trying to cross the Atlantic in a rowboat.

From the float Flight Deck

float turns five

float was launched exactly five years ago. Here is how the magazine has started and grown. And who is in the float crew today.

Sailing in Croatia

Sailing with free spirits

At the Free Spirit Sailing school on the Croatian island Murter life and sailing go along – somewhat different as usual.

Vendée Globe 2020

The Foil Whisperer

For three weeks, Charlie Dalin led the regatta field. It is the first Vendée Globe of the top young sailor.

Alex Thomson hat eine Panne auf dem Südtlantik und muss seine Yacht reparieren © Hugo Boss
Vendée Globe 2020

Alex is back in the game

It’s up and down for Alex Thomson at the Vendée Globe: First the Brit led, then he had to pause. Now he is catching up.