Arkea Ultim Challenge After around 30 days at sea, Charles Caudrelier has passed Cape Horn © Arkea Ultim Challenge
Arkea Ultim Challenge

Charles Caudrelier defeats Cape Horn

After around 30 days at sea, Charles Caudrelier has completed two thirds of the Arkea Ultim Challenge solo world race and rounded Cape Horn.

3 minutes
Charles Caudrelier reached Cape Horn after 30 days at sea © Charles Caudrelier

Gale-force winds put the brakes on Caudrelier

Arkea Ultim Challenge
The Ultim trimarans race across the vastness of the Pacific © Thomas Coville / Sodebo

Chasers were unable to take advantage of Caudrelier’s wait-and-see approach

Arkea Ultim Challenge
East of Australia, Armel Le Cléac’h slowed down his tri © Juliette Leclercq
Arkea Ultim Challenge
After a two-day repair stop in Hobart, Thomas Coville is back on course © Thomas Coville/Sodebo

7,000 miles still waiting for Caudrelier

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