Dee Caffari © Volvo Ocean Race
Climate Activists

Circumnavigator Dee Caffari supports Greta Thunberg

The six-time circumnavigator Dee Caffari has, exclusively on float, a personal message for Greta Thunberg.

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Malizia Boris Herrmann
Malizia II © Andreas Lindlahr
Greta Thunberg Boris Herrmann
Boris Herrmann, father Svante Thunberg with Greta Thunberg © Birte Lorenzen

A personal message for Greta Thunberg

Dee Caffari
Endless horizons with breathtaking sunsets © Volvo Ocean Race

Dedicated to climate protection

Dee Caffari
The youngest team with 50 % women © Beau Outteridge/Turn the Tide on Plastik
Dee Caffari
The yacht Turn the Tide on Plastic during the Volvo Ocean Race © Volvo Ocean Race

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