Dee Caffari

Mixed Offshore Sailing

IOC decision impact mixed offshore crews

Mixed offshore sailing will not be an Olympic event in 2024. Dee Caffari was excited about the new sailing discipline – as many others are.

Magenta Project

Navigated by a role model

The Magenta Project’s mentoring program nurtures female sailors worldwide. We had a look behind the scenes.

float originals Podcast

Andi Robertson, the face of the race

Six time circumnavigator Dee Caffari talks with the anchor of the international Vendée Globe show, Andi Robertson, about 116 days of live reporting.

Vendée Globe 2020

Romantic sailor, determined racer

Miranda Merron is competing for the first time at the Vendée Globe. The Briton has worked her entire sailing career towards this race.

Vendée Globe 2020

Close Race of six Rivals

Six sailors compete to win the Vendee Globe. Who is best prepared and will get the best wind?

Giancarlo Pedote
Vendée Globe 2020

The Magnificent Nine

Nine boats are in a tight race in the South Atlantic at the Vendée Globe. While Charlie Dalin is leading, Beyou and Tripon are catching up.

Vendée Globe 2020

Pip Hare is back in the Race!

With her 20-year-old Medallia, Briton Pip Hare is making an exciting race at the Vendée Globe. After reparing her rudder she is now on her way to Kap Horn.

Vendée Globe 2020

Tough times around Cape Horn

For the leading sailors of the Vendée Globe, it’s now a new year, a new ocean – off Cape Horn, the last and wildest landmark to pass.

Vendée Globe 2020

Christmas at the ice barrier

How do you spend Christmas as a solo circumnavigator? Dee Caffari knows, she has experienced it four times.

Alex Thomson hat eine Panne auf dem Südtlantik und muss seine Yacht reparieren © Hugo Boss
Vendée Globe 2020

Alex is back in the game

It’s up and down for Alex Thomson at the Vendée Globe: First the Brit led, then he had to pause. Now he is catching up.

Vendée Globe 2020

Sam Davies, sailor of hearts

Sam Davies is a fighter who plays at the top of the Vendée Globe. Dee Caffari has already sailed the Volvo Ocean Race with her.

Vendée Globe 2020

48 hours to go

Circumnavigator Dee Caffari knows how the 33 Vendée Globe sailors feel directly before the start.

Vendée Globe 2020

Here are the favorites

Circumnavigator Dee Caffari comments the Vendée Globe for float. Here is her first assessment.

Dee Caffari Turn the Tide on Plastik Volvo Ocean Race
Climate Activists

Circumnavigator Dee Caffari supports Greta Thunberg

The six-time circumnavigator Dee Caffari has, exclusively on float, a personal message for Greta Thunberg.