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Book review

Dream on!

10 sailors, five continents, one port in Turkey – Jens Brambusch tells the stories of sailing dropouts.

3 minutes
Dream On!
Jens Brambusch at work © Merten Kaatz

“SV Delos” as great inspiration

Dream On!
The Crew of SV Delos was the inspiration for Jens own drop-out © Merten Kaatz
Dream On!
The discrition of his own boat Dilly-Dally © Merten Kaatz

Stories about the moment that changed life

About Jens Brambusch

Dream On!
by Jens Brambusch
Self-publishing via kdp, June 2019
170 pages, 14 illustrations
15,24 x 22,86 cm, paperback
ISBN: 9781096402497
15,90 Euro
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