Bird with fisheye: This is what the all-round view of NeuBoat Dock looks like in the Axiom plotter. © Raymarine
Autonomous driving

First step towards autonomous boating

For the NeuBoat Dock camera system, navigation electronics specialist Raymarine is partnering with Avikus, a manufacturer specializing in autonomous shipping.

2 minutes
RaymarineThermal imaging camera from Raymarine at the presentation in Cannes © Kerstin Zillmer It appears that NeuBoat Dock is an adaptation of an Avikus product that is already widely used in the cargo shipping industry. In addition to the six cameras, the installation package also includes an Axiom MFD, the central computer for controlling the cameras and a device for object recognition, according to Raymarine the “heart of the system”. There are two cameras on each side as well as a front and rear camera. The system is intended to cover ships up to 50 feet in size, i.e. around 15 meters in length.

Previously pure video surveillance without warnings

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