Navico NSX Ultrawide Wide-screen format on the bridge: the NSX Ultrawide wants to be better by far. © Navico
Novelty Simrad NSX Ultrawide

Simrad’s screens turn extra wide

With the Simrad NSX Ultrawide, Navico brings the widescreen format to marine displays. In effect, it is like buying two screens in one.

2 minutes
  • Simrad NSX UltrawideWith the extra-wide screen, Simrad fills a gap for small boats © Navico
  • Simrad NSX UltrawideThe screen can be split to display two apps © Navico
  • Navico Simrad NSX UltrawideThe apps look almost lost on the giant screen © Navico

Nautical charts and engine data in Cinemascope

Simrad NSX Ultrawide
Simrad NSX Ultrawide at Navico’s boot Düsseldorf 2024 booth © float / Jan Lange

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