Cooling water return (orange) with the wide filter element, on the left the emergency overflow © Suzuki
Boat engines

Outboard motors that collect microplastics

Suzuki outboard motors automatically filter plastic waste out of the water. Why didn’t they think of it earlier?

3 minutes
Suzuki MPCCooling water circuit from the inlet (dark blue) to the outlet (light blue) © SuzukiSuzuki now also diligently collects waste in the water. But the employees don’t have to do this, the engines do the job. All versions of the two-liter machine have an additional filter in the cooling circuit that collects plastic waste and other small parts from the cooling water. If you sail a motorboat, you can collect pollutants – at least a little – in this way.

Constipation is not dangerous

Suzuki engine filter
Although some things remain ... © Suzuki
Suzuki engine filter
... the filter does not become clogged © Suzuki

All motors should receive the filter

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