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Andi Robertson © Jean-Marie Liot / Alea #VG2020
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Andi Robertson, the face of the race

🇬🇧 Six time circumnavigator Dee Caffari talks with the anchor of the international Vendée Globe show, Andi Robertson, about 116 days of live reporting.

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Andi Robertson is the most seen face in this Vendée Globe. For 116 days he was the presenter of the international show, reporting every day from Les Sables d’Olonne about the race. In the official daily video broadcast Andi spoke to the Skippers, invited guests, wrote articles and communicated with the audience. He is, so to speak, the news anchor of the Vendée Globe and thus now the face of the race for the fast-growing international audience. Over time, millions of people tuned in to his show and cheered along.

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Andi Robertson, das Gesicht der Vendée Globe

?? Weltumseglerin Dee Caffari spricht mit Andi Robertson, Moderator der internationalen Vendée Globe Show, nach 116 Tagen Live-Berichterstattung

Dee Caffari, six time circumnavigator and finisher of the Vendee Globe 2008 interviews Andi Robertson the night before the race ends. For float she covered this Vendée Globe edition in many articles. Together with Andi she moderated the start of the race on 8th of November 2020 and the arrival of the winner. In this episode of the float Originals podcast we wanted to opportunity to ask Andi Robertson the questions for a change.

Being a sailing journalist for over 30 years now, Andi Robertson is working for international newspapers and magazines. He has covered all type of sailing events from the Volvo Ocean Race, to the America’s Cup, dozens of key French races, including acting as The Times‘ sailing correspondent covering two Olympics.

Andi Robertson
Andi Robertson singing with Ari Huusela on the last day of the show © Olivier Blanchet /Alea#VG2020

These are Dee’s questions

• How is the media of the Vendée Globe organised?

• At the start it was not your intention to do 80 days worth of shows. What changed?

• Were you aware of the growth of the international coverage thanks to your shows?

• In previous editions we never had so many French skippers, speaking English before. What magic did you have to encourage them to chat in English to you?

• Speaking to the sailors everyday, allows you to build a special relationship. Did new relationships evolve with skippers you did not know so well?

Andi Robertson
Andi Robertson interviewing Pip Hare after her finish © Yvan Zedda/Alea#VG2020

• What was a challenge for you when talking to the skippers?

• Technology has no doubt advanced. Boris Herrmann was doing videos for his audience every day. What is your impression of this new type of conversation in racing?

• More people than ever have seen the Vendée Globe. As a result lot want to get in contact now with sailing. How do you see the future of the sport?

• You comment a lot of races. What makes this race stand out as the pinnacle event in our sport?

• How do you think will be the next Vendée Globe in four years and what is next for you?

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