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Annie Lush is the most experienced ocen racer in the team © Guyot Environnement – Team Europe
The Ocean Race

Annie, the Expert

🇬🇧 Annie Lush is one of the great offshore sailors. float spoke with her shortly before the start of the Ocean Race.

8 Minuten
Annie Lush
Annie Lush is one of the most famous offshore sailors © Guyot Environnement - Team Europe

VO65 is the platform for young female sailors

Annie Lush
Women have just as much stamina © Guyot Environnement - Team Europe

A chat group is part of the race

Annie Lush
The second woman on the team is Támara Echegoyen © Guyot Environnement - Team Europe
Tamara is an incredibly good sailor and a great person to have on the team. She has a lot of energy and helps me with catering, which is the worst job (laughs).

Annie Lush
The overview is provided by the on-board computer and radar © Guyot Environnement - Team Europe

When we’re maneuvering or in port, I’m the pit or trimming the headsails. Offshore, it’s the same. Every time we do a maneuver, even if it’s in the middle of the night, we all wake up and do the maneuver with the same people and in the same positions.

Annie Lush
Annie is the pit and has the lines under control © Guyot Environnement - Team Europe

The cockpit is a gloomy space

Annie Lush
Two are always on watch, one person steers, the other checks radar and trim © Guyot Environnement - Team Europe

As far as the material can take it

Annie Lush
The sailing knowledge you need to feed into the autopilot today © Guyot Environnement - Team Europe

Once we sail offshore, I’m a bit of a sergeant (laughs). I have the most experience in big teams on the ocean. Out there, you have to be very strict, for example, about guards. Even in our small team, I think it’s very important to maintain that.

Annie Lush
Annie sets the tone © Guyot Environnement - Team Europe

Not on board for two legs

Annie Lush, a World Champion

Female sailors in the Ocean Race

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