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Gianguido Girotti in Cannes 2022 © Beneteau

Beneteau starts into sustainability

Beneteau re-invents itself. CEO Gianguido Girotti explains how the entire production process will be more sustainable.

6 Minuten
Beneteau Gianguido Girotti
Gianguido Girotti, CEO of the Boat Development Division © Beneteau

How does the manufacturing process with Elium resin differ from the known process?

The new Beneteau First 44 is now also available sustainably © Beneteau
Delphia 11
The Delphia 11 is designed as an electric boat © Delphia
Delphia 11
Changing production sustainably is a lengthy process © Beneteau

You say it will take 10 years. In that time, will Beneteau have innovated the entire production process?

Delphia 11
Beneteau develops a reference piece to find out how to optimise processes © Beneteau
The Excess 15 is motorised with a Torqeedo Deep Blue © Beneteau

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