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Best of Boats Awards 2021 © Volkmar Otto / Messe Berlin
Best of Boats Award

Best Boats 2021 announced in Berlin

🇬🇧 At the Best of Boats Award, the best new motorboats of 2021 were honored – for the first time live on stage again.

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In a brilliant show the Best of Boats Award 2021 was presented at Boot & Fun Berlin on Thursday evening. International motorboat novelties were honored in a total of six categories in front of numerous shipyard CEOs and industry representatives in the audience. Best for Beginners, Best for Fishing, Best for Family, Best for Fun and Best for Travel. The special Best for Future award was given to a boating industry „game changer“ for the second time in 2021.

The 16-member BOB jury consisting of international trade journalists from all over Europe, Russia and the USA had viewed and intensively tested the award contenders throughout Europe in recent months: Despite the difficult conditions caused by the pandemic, the BOB 2021 judges conducted around 250 boat tests to select the best boats of 2021.

Exhibition project manager Daniel Barkowski and BOB coordinator Stefan Gerhard opened the award ceremony in hub27 after the successful virtual live BOB Award 2020 now again in front of an audience. The Best of Boats Award is considered one of the most important industry events and is the world’s largest award for powerboats in terms of the number of countries and jurors involved.

And the winners are …

It was obvious: The evaluation of the BOB judges is directly oriented to the needs of different boat users such as beginners, families, sports and fun which is also reflected in the composition of the practical categories. The expectations of the audience were high.

In the Best for Beginners category, the Axopar 22 Spyder prevailed over the other two strong finalists. Jan Sjölund, Editor-in-Chief of the Finnish magazine Venemestari, presented the award to Johan Holm, Head of Sales of Axopar Boats from Finland. He expressed his gratitude by saying, „We are overwhelmed that we won this award despite the very strong models by the competitors.“

Best of Boats Award 2021
Axopar executives Johan Holm and Marco Hindersson © Messe Berlin

Holm had arrived in place of shipyard co-founder Jan Viitala, who was also celebrating his birthday in faraway Finland on the day of the win. Holm added: „The prize is a reward for our hard work on the Axopar 22 Spyder and shows that the team has done an excellent job.“ After all, „The model is not only perfect for beginners – it’s also the ideal boat for experienced users, so it covers both areas perfectly.“

Best for Fishing: Quicksilver 705 Pilothouse

In the Best for Fishing category, the jury chose the Quicksilver 705 Pilothouse, a suitable model for both marine and inland fishing fans. Alexis Flechier, Global Sales Director of Venture Boat Group, accepted the award. It was presented by Stanislaw Iwinski, Editor-in-Chief of the Polish online magazine Yachtsmen.

Best of Boats Award 2021
Alexis Flechier received the award for Quicksilver © Messe Berlin

Alexis Flechier was delighted: „It is a special honor to receive this award by the international trade press – and for the second time in a row.“

Best for Family: Marex 330 Scandinavia

float editor-in-chief Kerstin Zillmer and Venemestari editor-in-chief Jan Sjölund both presented the award in the Best for Family category to Espen Aalrud, head of Marex Boats from Norway, for the Marex 330 Scandinavia.

Best of Boats Award 2021
Marex CEO Espen Aalrud and Catina Burchardi of aqua marin, the german Marex dealer © Messe Berlin

„The award means a lot to us because it shows that the Marex 330 Scandinavia has been extensively tested by experienced boating professionals. It is not only proof for us that the boat is perfect for families. This award also convinces our customers. It’s approved!“

Best for Fun: Waterdream 52 California

In the Best for Fun category, the Waterdream 52 California from the Netherlands won. Waterdream CEO Bernhard van Oranje was delighted: „We were nominated in this category for the first time. This is a great success for such a young brand. The Waterdream has many great features, but above all it is 90 percent recyclable. That makes it something very special today.“

Best of Boats Award 2021
Waterdream CEO Bernhard van Oranje, juror Alfred Boer and Sales Director Teun Enklaar (f. l.) © Messe Berlin

Alfred J. Boer, chief boat tester for the Belgian magazine Varen and the Dutch magazine Nautique, presented the award.

Best for Travel: Silent Yachts 60

The Silent 60 from Silent Yachts in Austria convinced the BOB jury and won in the Best for Travel category. Julijan Višnjevec, editor-in-chief of Val Navtika magazine from Ljubljana (Slovenia), emphasized the almost unlimited range in the laudation.

Best of Boats Award 2021
Franz Böse, CMO of Silent Yachts © Messe Berlin

Franz Böse of Silent Yachts from Austria accepted the award himself in Berlin. „We are very grateful for this award, because the Silent Yacht 60 is a very special boat.“ he said. „Many of our customers are first-time boat owners who want to be role models by piloting a boat powered by renewable energy.“

Best for Future: Frauscher TimeSquare 20

For the second time, the Best of Boats special award Best for Future was given to a „game changer“ in the boating industry that brings together innovative technologies and new concepts with the idea of sustainability. The award went to the Frauscher TimeSquare 20 electric boat from Austria, which was also tested by float.

Best of Boats Award 2021
Captain Future Stefan Frauscher (2nd f. r.), dealer Norman Bauer and crew © Messe Berlin

Stefan Frauscher of shipyard Frauscher said, „Innovation is part of our DNA. It is time to rethink boating. And we are convinced that this is the future and Frauscher Times Square 20 will be part of it. Our electric boat is for everyone who loves boating and wants to be part of a development that values energy and resource efficiency.“

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