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Dee Caffari Turn the Tide on Plastik Volvo Ocean Race Dee Caffari © Volvo Ocean Race
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Circumnavigator Dee Caffari supports Greta Thunberg

🇬🇧 The six-time circumnavigator Dee Caffari has, exclusively on float, a personal message for Greta Thunberg.

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Dee Caffari, the most successful female circumnavigator in the world, has a message for Greta Thunberg for her crossing across the Atlantic. The young Swede climate activist announced her trip to New York on Monday, which she plans to do by sailboat instead of flying by plane. There she will speak at the UN at the start of her journey through America.

Malizia Boris Herrmann
Malizia II © Andreas Lindlahr

Dee Caffari is enthusiastic about the courage of the young Swedish woman. The British sailor was the first woman to sail solo and non-stop around the world in both directions – in 2006 against the prevailing winds and currents. For this achievement, the 46-year-old was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire.

The exceptional sportswoman, who has sailed around the world six times, including three times a non-stop journey, pointed out in an exclusive statement for float: “Greta has been a huge inspiration to so many young people and I thank her for being strong enough to speak out for so many and to make the climate and the health of our planet a priority on so many agendas.”

Greta Thunberg Boris Herrmann
Boris Herrmann, father Svante Thunberg with Greta Thunberg © Birte Lorenzen

A personal message for Greta Thunberg

In mid-August, Greta Thunberg will board the Boris Herrmann’s racing yacht “Malizia” in Plymouth, England, in order to cross the Atlantic with as low emission as possible. Exclusively on float the six-time circumnavigator and environmentalist Dee Caffari had a personal message for Greta Thunberg:

“Greta, as someone who embraces the natural environment and the wonders of our planet, you are about to overload your senses. The sail across the Atlantic on Malizia will be a true unique experience, uninterrupted horizons for beautiful sunrises and sunsets, wildlife in its natural environment, and harnessing the power of nature alongside using cutting edge technology to do so.”

Dee Caffari
Endless horizons with breathtaking sunsets © Volvo Ocean Race

Regarding the conditions of life on board, the British sailor says: “You are in good hands with Boris Herrmann, so enjoy yourself. Make sure you eat and drink and sleep to allow yourself to relax and make the most of this opportunity. And remember when you are introduced to the bucket and freeze dried food, time will go quickly and you will soon be ashore again reflecting on this amazing trip.”

Dedicated to climate protection

At the Volvo Ocean Race 2017/2018 Dee Caffari was the skipper on the boat “Turn the Tide on Plastic”. In the toughest regatta around the world, seven high-performance yachts sailed some 45,000 nautical miles around the globe over eight months. Dee Caffari and her team had achieved great things under special conditions.

Dee Caffari
The youngest team with 50 % women © Beau Outteridge/Turn the Tide on Plastik

Only four weeks before the start her team stood, in which nobody was older than 40 years. Half of them were women and had the strongest female participation in the last Volvo Ocean Race. Dee had managed to bring together sailors from ten different countries.

Dee Caffari
The yacht Turn the Tide on Plastic during the Volvo Ocean Race © Volvo Ocean Race

On the way she and her racer “Turn the Tide on Plastic”, in collaboration with the Geomar Institute, had collected important environmental data in the remotest corners of the oceans. Team member Liz Wardley took a total of 75 water samples at various locations during the circumnavigation.

The analysis of the data showed for the first time that even at the point of the oceans furthest from the nearest country, the so-called Point Nemo in the South Pacific, microplastics can be found in the sea water. There is even marine waste around Easter Island.

Dee Caffari is also chairman of the World Sailing Trust. The organization was founded in 2018 to support the global sailing community. The aim is to promote and improve sailing in all its forms and to protect the waters on which sailing depends.

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M. Dan Bergman /

How SAD ! She is supporting a Child that has been so indoctrinated by her parents and they the Swedish media, that the parents should have been reported to the Child Protective Services in Sweden for letting this child be USED BY the GREEN FANATICS by SCARING HER to the point of, I am serious here, her being in danger of selfharm if not removed from them. Would have happened if it wasn’t for the Lefty Media support this has gotten. SHE CLEARLY has said she wanted „To take a time out“ herself, and NOW THIS ?

Claudia /

‚…had the strongest female participation ever in a Volvo Ocean Race‘
– for sure in the last Volvo Ocean Race.
But what about Team SCA? And Maiden?

Stefan Gerhard /

You are right, Claudia. It was the strongest women’s participation of the last Volvo Ocean Race. Updated now.

John Edwards /

“The first sailor to dedicate herself to climate protection”???

Not even the first female round the world sailor to do so, who was Dame Ellen MacArthur


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