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Who will win the Vendee Globe? © Bernard Le Bars / Alea
Vendée Globe 2020

Close Race of six Rivals

🇬🇧 Six sailors compete to win the Vendee Globe. Who is best prepared and will get the best wind?

9 Minuten
Weather today, friday 22 January 2021 © WetterWelt
The weather tomorrow, January 24 © WetterWelt

Thomas Ruyant: break on the port side

Thomas Ruyant
Thomas Ruyant can no longer use his foil for lift © Thomas Ruyant/LinkedOut
Charlie Dalin
Charlie Dalin is still leading the race © Charlie Dalin/Apivia

Yannick Bestavens Birthday Present

Yannick Bestaven
Yannick Bestaven on his boat Maitre Coq © Maitre Coq/#VG2020

Louis Burton: The real surprise

Louis Burton
Louis Burton in the South Sea, photographed by Boris Herrmann © Boris Herrmann/Seaexplorer

Married into a sailing dynasty

Louis Burton
Louis Burton on second place now © Louis Burton/Bureau Vallee 2
Groupe Apicil
The 12-year-old Groupe Apicil Damien Seguin already has a successful history behind it © Olivier Blanchet/Alea

Damien Seguin: The real single-handed sailor

Damien Seguin
Damien Seguin literally sailed single-handed around Cape Horn © Damien-Seguin/Groupe Apicil
Damien Seguin
Boris Herrmann is well prepared to get on the podium © Boris Herrmann/Seaexplorer

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