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Friedrich Deimann © Kerstin Zillmer

Greenboats brings flax supplier on board

The pioneer for sustainable composites has brought the largest raw material supplier on board for a strategic investment. But it’s about much more.

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Flax plantation in France © Depestele
Production of flax fibre © Depestele
Friedrich Deimann, GreenboatsFriedrich Deimann © Kerstin ZillmerFriedrich Deimann of Greenboats has long valued the expertise of the traditional company, stating, „Depestele is currently the only company that can supply untwisted yarn.“ This yarn is crucial for the German pioneer of Natural Fiber Composites (NFC instead of GRP) for the laying of flax mats, which in turn become laminates and sandwich panels. The Bremen-based company has been building not only boats but an entire production process for sustainable flax-based composites with bio epoxies for years. Friedrich Deimann has been developing these composite materials for many years, working together with the Bionics Department at the University of Bremen. „It’s complex,“ Jan Paul Schirmer of Greenboats said in an interview with float.

The hull is made of flax composite material © Greenboats

Friendly relations exist with Depestele

Panels made of different natural fibres © Greenboats

„With it, Greenboats could equip the interiors of five thousand 30-foot yachts annually,“ Schirmer provides an impression of the capacity. More importantly, the plant scales both the quantities and the costs: the plates can be produced up to 80 percent cheaper.

The first Flax 27 on the river Weser © Kertin zillmer

Soon a requirement for alternative boat-building materials?

Time is on Greenboats side, Deimann is convinced © Kerstin Zillmer
For the Imoca Malizia some of Greenboats material is used © Greenboats

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