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The 170-metre long "Team Osprey" lies upwind of "Wilson Street" to give it protection from the waves © Private
Sea Rescue

Nightmare on Wilson Street

🇬🇧 The Australian sailing couple Jennifer and Corrie Schutte gets into distress off Malta – and has to abandon its boat. Scenes of a dramatic rescue.

9 Minuten
Wilson Street
Abandoned and lost: the Wilson Street © Private

Disaster of biblical proportions

Jennifer und Corrie
Jennifer and Corrie can't wait to sail again © Jim Furness

Barefoot across the Atlantic

Wilson Street
The Sun Odyssey 40.3, ready for the barefoot route © Private

2020 – a bewitched year

in der Türkei
Carefree days on Wilson Street in Turkey (Jennifer left, Corrie right, friend in the middle) © Private

Politics thwart plans

Corrie mit Freund
Long-time sailor Corrie shows the right direction © Private

Trouble with the coastguard

Die Wilson Street
The Sun Odyssey 40.3 in Greece, no Murphy on board yet © Private

Next, the mainsail ruptures

Valuable time elapses

Corrie und Jennifer
Corrie and Jennifer © Private

Everything from scratch

Corrie im Korinthkanal
Corrie in the Corinth Canal © Private

The wind is picking up

Corrie und Jennifer
Sailing can be so wonderful © Private

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