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Jeanne Socrates on her Yacht Nereida © James Holkko / MMBC
Circumnavigator Jeanne Socrates

No ocean big enough

🇬🇧 Happy birthday, Jeanne Socrates! The circumnavigator and record holder turns 80 – and is already preparing her next cruise.

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Next destination: around New Zealand

Jeanne Socrates
Jeanne Socrates returns to Victoria harbour in 2019 after 339 days at sea © James Holkko/MMBC
Weltumseglung Jeanne Socrates
Jeanne Socrates circumnavigates the world © Jeannefa / CC BY SA 4.0

There was no advantage in continuing to work

Important to have my own boat

Three times off Cape Horn

Jeanne Socrates
Jeanne Socrates rounded Cape Horn thre times © James Holkko/MMBC

Ocean crossings are no big deal for Jeanne Socrates

Jeanne Socrates
Jeanne Socrates on her return from the circumnavigation in 2019 © Youtube

„Age is not a factor“

Jeanne SocratesJeanne Socrates the day before her 80th birthday © privateYou only have this one life, so my motto is „Life is precious, make the most of it“. I hope I’m a good example of that. And as you can see: Age is not a factor. You just have to have your health and then get out and do something. If you absolutely want to do something, make it happen! If you don’t hinder anyone by doing it, nothing stands in the way of fulfilling your dream. You just have to want it.

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