🇬🇧 Offshoreseglerinnen join forces with The Magenta Project | float Magazin

Kerstin Zillmer, Kirsten Harmstorf-Schönwitz, Jessica Klingelhöfer and Eshana Müller © Christian Beeck
Women Offshoresailing

🇬🇧 Offshoreseglerinnen join forces with The Magenta Project

On grand stage at the ORC Worlds 2023 the first German network of Offshoreseglerinnen x Magenta Project powered by float was launched.

4 Minuten

Prominent panel

Magenta Project
Female Power to the Race © Christian Beeck

Not quota, but ability

The Magenta Project
Annie Lush, patron of the cooperation © The Ocean Race

„We established a worldwide network, keep in touch with companies and associations like Imoca Class. We have initiated a foiling project and want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to start a career in sailing. We are pleased to be able to support a national program with the Offshoreseglerinnen project,“ says the New Yorker. She says it’s a good mission to inspire the next generation to get involved in sailing.

Tutima goes, Magenta comes

  • Offshoreseglerinnen Magenta ProjectKerstin Zillmer on stage with ... © Janis Spurdzins
  • Offshoreseglerinnen... Kirsten Harmstorf-Schönwitz ... © Janis Spurdzins
  • Offshoreseglerinnen Magenta Project... and Eshana Müller © Janis Spurdzins

This race is female

Susann Beucke
Susann Beuckes Campaign is on its way © Kerstin Zillmer

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