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The 170-metre long "Team Osprey" lies upwind of "Wilson Street" to give it protection from the waves © Private
Sea Rescue

Rescue from Wilson Street

🇬🇧 The Australian sailing couple Jennifer and Corrie Schutte gets into distress off Malta – and has to abandon its boat. Scenes of a dramatic rescue, part 2

10 Minuten

Cross lakes and wave towers

Enormous weather front on the advance

WetterThe weather front © Private

Life raft fails

ungeöffnete Rettunngsinsel
The Wilson Street drags the unopened life raft behind it © Private

The third shot must be right

Sichern des Bootes
The salvage line hits the Wilson Street with a big bang © Private

Then the crew of the tanker pulls Wilson Street to their side. Only now the sailors notice the enormous swell. Their boat rattles and scrapes four meters along the side of the ship with every movement. The GRP grinds on the red steel. Corrie hears a crack as if the hull of Wilson Street is breaking.

A rope ladder to safety

Wilson StreetThe yacht alongside the tanker – GRP grinds on red steel © Private
The tanker crew pulls Jennifer and Corrie on board © Private

Above 80 knots in gusts

Jens Brambusch
Corrie and Jennifer after the rescue on the bridge of the Team Osprey © Private

Back to Istanbul

Back on the bridge, Jennifer has a question: „Where is the ship actually going?“ The captain explains that they are coming from Rotterdam. „Our port of destination is Istanbul. We will arrive in about six days.“ Corrie and Jennifer look at each other in horror. Not to Turkey again!

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Wilson letztes Bild
The post from the Australian Sea Rescue © Private

The epirb triggers

Gruppenfoto mit Crew
Jennifer und Corrie with the crew © Private

Manufacturer promises compensation


wilson street in Libyen
The remains of the Wilson Street … © Private
Wilson Street in Libyen
...somewhere in Libya © Private

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