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The 170-metre long "Team Osprey" lies upwind of "Wilson Street" to give it protection from the waves © Private
Sea Rescue

Rescue from Wilson Street

🇬🇧 The Australian sailing couple Jennifer and Corrie Schutte gets into distress off Malta – and has to abandon its boat. Scenes of a dramatic rescue, part 2

10 Minuten

Cross lakes and wave towers

Enormous weather front on the advance

WetterThe weather front © Private

Life raft fails

ungeöffnete Rettunngsinsel
The Wilson Street drags the unopened life raft behind it © Private

The third shot must be right

Sichern des Bootes
The salvage line hits the Wilson Street with a big bang © Private

A rope ladder to safety

Wilson StreetThe yacht alongside the tanker – GRP grinds on red steel © Private
The tanker crew pulls Jennifer and Corrie on board © Private

Above 80 knots in gusts

Jens Brambusch
Corrie and Jennifer after the rescue on the bridge of the Team Osprey © Private

Back to Istanbul

Malice on Facebook

Wilson letztes Bild
The post from the Australian Sea Rescue © Private

The epirb triggers

Gruppenfoto mit Crew
Jennifer und Corrie with the crew © Private

Manufacturer promises compensation


wilson street in Libyen
The remains of the Wilson Street … © Private
Wilson Street in Libyen
...somewhere in Libya © Private

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