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Sustainable boatbuilding

Greenboats is getting big

Greenboats wants to produce their sustainable fibre in large scales. Important step: Sharing the production site with Fassmer, one of the big players of the industry.

Lasai 20 GL

La navegación eléctrico-solar de los vascos

El astillero vasco Lasai construye barcos eléctrico-solares que apuestan más por la autonomía que por la velocidad.


Greenboats brings flax supplier on board

The pioneer for sustainable composites has brought the largest raw material supplier on board for a strategic investment. But it’s about much more.

The Ocean Race

Pretty good all around

Rosalin Kuiper took the Ocean Race audience by storm on the Malizia. Now she is switching to Holcim-PRB. In the interview she bursts with euphoria.

Women Offshoresailing

🇬🇧 Offshoreseglerinnen join forces with The Magenta Project

On grand stage at the ORC Worlds 2023 the first German network of Offshoreseglerinnen x Magenta Project powered by float was launched.

The Magenta Project

🇬🇧 Female Power to Offshore Sailing

🇬🇧 Start of the first German cooperation Offshoreseglerinnen x The Magenta Project powered by float at the ORC World Championship 2023

Vendée Globe

Sailing sponsor sacks young mother

🇬🇧 Clarisse Crémer has lost her sponsorship contract for the Vendée Globe 2024. She could not perform safely as a young mother, says Banque Populaire.

The Ocean Race

Annie, the Expert

🇬🇧 Annie Lush is one of the great offshore sailors. float spoke with her shortly before the start of the Ocean Race.


🇬🇧 Show me your Carbon Footprint

The MarineShift 360 software shows who is the eco leader in boating industry. The focus is on life cycle analysis.

Zwei Boote können gleichzeitig an einer Gleichstrom-Ladesäule mit bis zu 75 Kilowatt laden. © Aqua Super-Power
Electric Boating

Fast boat chargers coming to the coast

Electric boat driving is terrific, charging electric boats is tough. Aqua Super-Power changes this with a net of fast charging stations.

Electric Boating

Q would be delighted

A new motor builder announces itself. QDrive presents a very powerful integrated electric boat drives. float was at the preview.


Beneteau starts into sustainability

Beneteau re-invents itself. CEO Gianguido Girotti explains how the entire production process will be more sustainable.

Mercury Marine

The empire goes electric

🇬🇧 How close to the start is Mercury Marine with the new Avator electric motor? President Chris Drees reveals the company’s timeline in an float interview.

Best of Boats Award 2022

The fabulous 18 of the Best of Boats Award

What are the best motorboats of 2022? 16 test jurors have announced this now. The 4 winners will be revealed at Boot und Fun in November.

Die Wetter-Woche

Vorsicht am Wochenende!

Zurzeit liegt viel Druck in der Luft über der Nord-und Ostsee. Der Norden scheint ruhiger zu bleiben, dennoch brodelt es in der Wetterküche.

Die Wetter-Woche

Wann kommt endlich die Abkühlung

In den letzten Tagen war es recht unbeständig im Norden, mit heißer Luft und einigen Schauern und Gewitter. Bleibt es am Wochenende so?

Circumnavigator Jeanne Socrates

No ocean big enough

🇬🇧 Happy birthday, Jeanne Socrates! The circumnavigator and record holder turns 80 – and is already preparing her next cruise.

Die Wetter-Woche

Stabiler Hochsommer bis zum Sonntag

Der Hochsommer ist da, aber stabil bleibt es nicht. Nach dem Wochenende geht das Tor für Tiefs auf.

Die Wetter-Woche

Mit Oscar bleibt der Hochsommer

Der nächste Schwung an Hitze ist bereits in Sicht: Das Hoch Oscar schleicht sich von den Azoren an.

Die Wetter-Woche

Mika auf dem Weg in den Norden

Das Hoch Mika macht sich schon wieder aus dem Staub und wandert nach Skandinavien ab.

Die Wetter-Woche

Zurück zum „normalen“ Sommer?

Nach der extremen Hitze geht es wieder über in eine angenehmere Sommer-Wetterlage – zumindest an Nord- und Ostsee.

Die Wetter-Woche

Hitze oder Wind

Hitze, aber auch Wind: Die Nordwestlage geht in die Verlängerung, und es wird mancherorts mehr als ordentlich windig.

Die Wetter-Woche

Zurück zum Strickpulli?

Letzte Woche war das große Schwitzen angesagt, ab diesem Wochenende wird es deutlich kühler.

Die Wetter-Woche

Hoch Hartmut kommt vor der Abkühlung

Das Wochenende hält nochmals tollstes Wetter bereit. Nächste Woche kommt dann ein größerer Wechsel der Wetterlage.

Die Wetter-Woche

Die Wetterküche brodelt

Das erste hochsommerliche Wochenende haben wir hinter uns. Nach der Schwüle kommen jetzt Gewitter.

Die Wetter-Woche

Schwitzen beim Segeln

Das erste hochsommerliche Wochenende steht bevor – mit teils über 40 Grad Celsius in Deutschland.

Golden Globe Race

Abhilash Tomy gives it a second try

🇬🇧 The Indian Navy officer’s yacht wrecked in the 2018 Golden Globe Race. Now he gets back through the Southern Ocean – and India is looking at him.

Golden Globe Race

A Don for all Occasions

🇬🇧 Australian adventurer Don McIntyre is organising the Golden Globe Race for the second time – after all, the retro race is unique.

Jean-Jacques Savin

“Laughing at being old on the sea“

🇬🇧 Jean-Jacques Savin, the French Diogenes on the sea, is no longer alive. He died at 75 while trying to cross the Atlantic in a rowboat.


float turns five

🇬🇧 float was launched exactly five years ago. Here is how the magazine has started and grown. And who is in the float crew today.

Portrait Hynova 42

A high on Hydrogen boats

🇬🇧 The young french Hynova shipyard plans to build a first series of fuel cell boats. We met the founder Chloé Zaied.

boot Düsseldorf

2G Covid rules for boot Düsseldorf 2022

🇬🇧 The world’s largest boat show will take place, we hear from Düsseldorf. The have just published the rules for boot 2022.

Best of Boats Award

Best Boats 2021 announced in Berlin

🇬🇧 At the Best of Boats Award, the best new motorboats of 2021 were honored – for the first time live on stage again.

Hybrid Cat Excess 15

„We call it hybrid sailing“

🇬🇧 Beneteau and Torqeedo presented the next step on the way to emission-free and self-sufficient sailing: the hybrid cat Excess 15.

Far East S\V 14

The boat with the bicycle bar

🇬🇧 The Far East S\V 14 is a sailing boat for disabled and elderly people. But our test on the Alster shows: Everyone can have fun with this nippy keelboat!

Sailing Literature

My Blu Quarantine

🇬🇧 The book about Sebastian Kummer’s captivity on sea climbed to No. 1 in sailing books sales. Now, the English version is on the market.

Sailing in Croatia

Sailing with free spirits

🇬🇧 At the Free Spirit Sailing school on the Croatian island Murter life and sailing go along – somewhat different as usual.

Mixed Offshore Sailing

IOC decision impact mixed offshore crews

🇬🇧 Mixed offshore sailing will not be an Olympic event in 2024. Dee Caffari was excited about the new sailing discipline – as many others are.

Magenta Project

On the right tack

🇬🇧 Rising sailor Annika Möslein is the first German to participate in the Magenta Project mentoring programme. In The Ocean Race Europe, she sails for Austria.

Magenta Project

Navigated by a role model

🇬🇧 The Magenta Project’s mentoring program nurtures female sailors worldwide.